SJC to Host “Horror Night” with Art of Brooklyn Film Festival

May 06, 2013

BROOKLYN, N.Y. May 7, 2013 St. Josephs College, in partnership with The Art of Brooklyn, will host "The Dark Side: A Night of Horror and Suspense as part of the Third Annual Art of Brooklyn Film Festival on Thursday, May 16 at 7:30 p.m. At this screening, the Chiller Network will show the world premiere its series of short films 5 Senses of Fear, and legendary editor emeritus of Fangoria magazine Tony Timpone will take questions from the audience. 

The following independent short films will be shown at this event:

16m, USA directed by Justin P. Lange (NYC PREMIERE)

A lonely young monster with deadly black eyes encounters a kidnapped and abused young boy whose eyes have been sewn shut.

13m, Australia directed by Richard Termini (WORLD PREMIERE)

Tom, a brooding, well-heeled young man, moves into an up-market new home where he is seduced by an enigma. There is a door he cannot open.Tom begins to hear mysterious sounds and feels as if he is being called into action. Events cause him to question his own sense of reality as unexplainable images enter his dreams. Tom faces his fears and challenges what may not be real.

Director Richard Termini is a Brooklyn-born-and raised composer and filmmaker now living near Perth, Australia.

6m, USA directed by Garette Henson (WORLD PREMIERE)

After the loss of his mother, shut-in Louis is psychologically pinned between the familiarity of the past and the uncertainty of his future.

Chiller TV premieres its first original anthology film at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival!

For 5 Senses of Fear, Chiller teams with six up-and-coming filmmakers who will write and direct five short films based on the human senses:

SMELL directed by Nick Everhart
Left by his wife and stuck in a dead end job, Seth Kyles life defined undesirable, until a mysterious saleswoman shows up at his door offering him "a scent to die for. Armed with a new air of self-confidence and a never-ending barrage of attention, Seth quickly learns that the smell of success comes with a deadly price.

SIGHT directed by Miko Hughes
Unsatisfied with his own version of reality, an optometrist develops a machine that can harness the visions of all his patients. In an attempt to show his favorite patients abusive boyfriend the error of his way, the doctor injects a series of viciously brutal images into his mind, leading to a visceral bloodbath of reality and hallucinations.

TOUCH directed by Emily Hagins
After a car accident leaves him stranded in the middle of nowhere, a 12 year old blind boy stumbles into the stomping grounds of a sadistic serial killer. Using his memory and strong sense of touch, he must navigate through the unfamiliar territory as the killer quickly closes in.

TASTE directed by Eric England
A street-smart hacker is brought in for a job interview with a mysterious corporation. He soon learns that the company is led by a man-eater with impeccable taste that doesnt take "no for an answer.

HEARING directed by Jesse Holland & Andy Mitton
While researching an urban legend about a song thats long been thought lost, a group of friends piece together all the existing recordings of it, bringing it back to life for the first time in decades. Before long, they discover the bone chilling truth of what happens to anyone that listens to it and why it was buried for so long.

Tickets are $10 online and $12 at the door. To purchase tickets online, visit: For more information regarding this event or the festival, visit: