Faculty/Staff Experts

Looking for an expert on a particular subject or need a good quote for your news story? We invite you to search the St. Joseph's University faculty expert database to find an expert source on a wide range of issues, trends and topics for your stories. 
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Expert Categories

  • Seth Armus, Ph.D.

    Seth Armus, Ph.D.


    History BK
    [email protected]
    Lorenzo Hall, Third floor

    Area(s) of Expertise: European-American relations, history of France, Jewish history and the Holocaust

  • Heather Barry, Ph.D.

    Heather Barry, Ph.D.

    Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor of History

    Office of the Provost BK LI
    History LI
    [email protected]
    O'Connor Hall, Room E215

    Area(s) of Expertise: Early American History, Middle States Commission on Higher Education Accreditation, Institutional Assessment, Academic Program Review and Strategic Planning.

  • Leon Bernardyn

    Leon Bernardyn

    Chairperson and Assistant Professor

    Music BK LI
    718.940.5889 or 631.687.5179
    [email protected]
    McEntegart Hall, Room 404
    O'Connor Hall, Room N127

    Area(s) of Expertise: music generalist

  • Mary A. Chance, M.S.T., C.P.A.

    Mary A. Chance, M.S.T., C.P.A.

    Assistant Professor

    Accounting LI
    [email protected]
    Business Technology Center, Room 2-4

    Area(s) of Expertise: accounting, program registration and review

  • Raymond D’Angelo, Ph.D.

    Raymond D’Angelo, Ph.D.

    Professor and Chairperson

    Social Sciences BK LI
    Sociology BK LI
    [email protected]
    Lorenzo Hall, Third floor

    Area(s) of Expertise: Race, ethnicity, immigration and civil rights

  • Phillip Dehne, Ph.D.

    Phillip Dehne, Ph.D.

    Executive Dean, Professor and Associate Chair

    History BK
    Office of the Executive Dean BK
    [email protected]
    Lorenzo Hall, First floor

    Area(s) of Expertise: British and European history, imperialism, history of globalization, history of World War I

  • Tina Ferro, CHE

    Tina Ferro, CHE

    Assistant Professor

    Hospitality and Tourism Management BK LI
    [email protected]
    O'Connor Hall, Room N109

    Area(s) of Expertise: hospitality and tourism management, hospitality guest services, property operations, revenue management, event management

  • Maria Fletcher, Ph.D., R.N., C.N.E.

    Maria Fletcher, Ph.D., R.N., C.N.E.

    Associate Dean for Nursing

    Nursing BK LI
    718.940.5891 or 631.687.5180
    [email protected]
    Lorenzo Hall, Second floor
    O'Connor Hall, Room N320

    Area(s) of Expertise: nursing education; nursing leadership, maternal child health, healthcare trends

  • Katherine L. Granelli, Ed.D.

    Katherine L. Granelli, Ed.D.

    Chairperson; Associate Professor, Director of M.A. in Infant/Toddler Early Childhood Special Education; Director of Advanced Certificate and MS in Applied Behavior Analysis

    Child Study LI
    Infant Toddler Early Childhood Special Education LI
    Childhood or Adolescent Special Education LI
    Literacy/Cognition LI
    [email protected]
    O'Connor Hall, Room E323

    Area(s) of Expertise: Autism research and children with special needs

  • Jerome Grossman, M.B.A.

    Jerome Grossman, M.B.A.

    Director of Graduate Management Studies, Long Island and Online and Assistant Teaching Professor

    Graduate Management Studies BK LI
    [email protected]

    Area(s) of Expertise: Marketing, Digital marketing and Publishing

  • Eileen White Jahn, M.B.A., Ph.D.

    Eileen White Jahn, M.B.A., Ph.D.

    Executive Dean and Professor

    Business Administration and Marketing LI
    Office of the Executive Dean LI
    [email protected]
    O'Connor Hall, Room E205A

    Area(s) of Expertise: business (organizational policies and management)

  • Gail C. Lamberta, Ph.D.

    Gail C. Lamberta, Ph.D.

    Associate Dean, Community Development; Professor and Chair; Coordinator of Experiential Learning

    Recreation and Leisure Studies BK LI
    Office of the Executive Dean LI
    631.687.1285 or 631.687.2686
    [email protected]
    Tuohy Hall
    O'Connor Hall, N109
    O'Connor Hall, E214

    Area(s) of Expertise: parks and recreation, event planning, program planning, developing partnerships, collaborative programming, internships, experiential learning, hospitality, tourism, therapeutic recreation

  • Peter Lin, Ph.D.

    Peter Lin, Ph.D.

    Associate Chair, Professor and Coordinator of Mindfulness and Contemplative Living Minor

    Psychology BK
    [email protected]
    Lorenzo Hall, Third floor

    Area(s) of Expertise: Mental health and mindfulness interventions

  • Peter Mascuch, Ph.D.

    Peter Mascuch, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

    English LI
    [email protected]
    O'Connor Hall, N226C

    Area(s) of Expertise: film and media, American literature and culture

  • Jessica McAleer Decatur

    Jessica McAleer Decatur

    Vice President for Marketing and Communications

    Office of Marketing and Communications BK LI
    [email protected]
    Downtown Patchogue

    Area(s) of Expertise: Communications, Higher Education, Marketing, Public Relations

  • Barbara Morrell, Ph.D.

    Barbara Morrell, Ph.D.

    Professor and Chair

    Criminal Justice LI
    [email protected]
    O'Connor Hall, Room E116

    Area(s) of Expertise: Juvenile justice, youth justice and corrections

  • Christine Murphy

    Christine Murphy

    Vice President for Enrollment Management

    Admissions BK LI
    [email protected]
    Burns Hall, Third Floor

    Area(s) of Expertise: Higher education, enrollment management, recruitment, retention, enrollment technology and ethics.

  • Catherine Pearsall, Ph.D., F.N.P., R.N., C.N.E.

    Catherine Pearsall, Ph.D., F.N.P., R.N., C.N.E.


    Nursing LI
    [email protected]
    O'Connor Hall, Room N322B

    Area(s) of Expertise: nursing education, forensic nursing, elder abuse, nursing leadership and nurse practitioners

  • Judith R. Phagan, D.A.

    Judith R. Phagan, D.A.

    Professor and Chairperson

    English BK LI
    [email protected]
    O'Connor Hall, Room N226C

    Area(s) of Expertise: multi-ethnic American literature (African-American and American-Indian literatures) and composition theory

  • William J. Phillips, Ph.D.

    William J. Phillips, Ph.D.

    Associate Chair and Assistant Professor

    Journalism and New Media Studies LI
    [email protected]
    Business Technology Center, B-3

    Area(s) of Expertise: new media, journalism, pop culture

  • Amy Poland, Ph.D.

    Amy Poland, Ph.D.

    Associate Dean, Director of Online Learning and Professor

    Office of the Provost LI
    SJNY Online LI
    Criminal Justice LI
    [email protected]
    O'Connor Hall, Room E116

    Area(s) of Expertise: artificial intelligence, social media in the courtroom, writing for justice programs in the community, community corrections, juvenile justice

  • Stephen J. Rockwell, Ph.D.

    Stephen J. Rockwell, Ph.D.


    Social Sciences LI
    Political Science LI
    [email protected]
    O'Connor Hall, Room E104

    Area(s) of Expertise: U.S. politics and government, race and ethnicity issues, U.S. policy toward American Indians, immigration, decennial census, institutions of government, media and government, ethical issues in politics and administration

  • Konstantine Rountos, Ph.D.

    Konstantine Rountos, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

    Biology LI
    [email protected]
    O'Connor Hall, Room N231

    Area(s) of Expertise: marine ecology, marine conservation, sustainable seafood, Long Island coastal ecosystems, environmental science, field ecology and human impacts

  • Karen Russo, Ed.D.

    Karen Russo, Ed.D.


    Child Study BK
    Literacy and Cognition BK
    [email protected]
    Dillon Child Study Center, Second floor

    Area(s) of Expertise: literacy

  • Rory Shaffer-Walsh

    Rory Shaffer-Walsh

    Vice President for Institutional Advancement

    Office of Institutional Advancement BK LI
    631.687.2658 or 718.940.5580
    [email protected]
    Downtown Patchogue, 2nd Floor

    Area(s) of Expertise: major gifts, planned giving, alumni relations, fundraising.

  • Joan E. Silver, Ed.D.

    Joan E. Silver, Ed.D.

    Associate Professor, Director of M.A. in Childhood and Adolescence Education with an annotation in Severe and Multiple Disabilities

    Child Study LI
    Infant Toddler Early Childhood Special Education LI
    Childhood or Adolescent Special Education LI
    Literacy/Cognition LI
    [email protected]
    O'Connor Hall, E311

    Area(s) of Expertise: special education, learning disabilities, inclusion, learning styles and special ed to prison pipeline

  • Susan Straut Collard, Ph.D.

    Susan Straut Collard, Ph.D.

    Professor and Associate Chair

    Child Study BK
    Literacy and Cognition BK
    Special Education BK
    [email protected]
    Dillon Child Study Center, First floor

    Area(s) of Expertise: child study (special education, behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, child development and psychology, and parenting)

  • Lisa Tafuro, Ph.D.

    Lisa Tafuro, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

    Communication Studies LI
    Infant Toddler Early Childhood Special Education LI
    [email protected]
    Business Technology Center, B-8

    Area(s) of Expertise: Child language development and child language disorders; multicultural early childhood language and cognition; early childhood education; developing equitable and inclusive preschool programs.

  • Richard J. Torz, M.A., Ph.D.

    Richard J. Torz, M.A., Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

    Accounting MBA BK LI
    Social Sciences BK
    Graduate Management Studies BK LI
    [email protected]
    First Floor, Main Reference Room, Library, McEntegart Hall

    Area(s) of Expertise: Economics (European union, economic and monetary union)

  • Thomas G. Travis, Ph.D.

    Thomas G. Travis, Ph.D.


    General Studies LI
    [email protected]

    Area(s) of Expertise: Adult and non-traditional higher education, assessment of prior learning, adult development through the life cycle and higher education administration.

  • Wendy C. Turgeon, Ph.D.

    Wendy C. Turgeon, Ph.D.

    Professor and Chair

    Philosophy BK LI
    [email protected]
    O'Connor Hall, Room E208

    Area(s) of Expertise: ethics, philosophy, philosophy of art, children and philosophy

  • Harry Voulgarakis, Ph.D., BCBA-D

    Harry Voulgarakis, Ph.D., BCBA-D

    Assistant Professor

    Child Study LI
    Childhood or Adolescent Special Education LI
    Infant Toddler Early Childhood Special Education LI
    [email protected]
    O'Connor Hall, Room E307

    Area(s) of Expertise: Autism and neurodevelopmental disorders; pediatric health psychology; development and chronic illness; children and the law; family caregiver strain; genetic syndromes and behavioral phenotypes.

  • Renee M. White, Ed.D.

    Renee M. White, Ed.D.


    Child Study LI
    Literacy/Cognition LI
    [email protected]
    O'Connor Hall, Room E318

    Area(s) of Expertise: multiculturalism, literacy and education (elementary)