Heather Barry, Ph.D.

Heather Barry, Ph.D.

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor of History

Office of the Provost BK LI
History LI


Long Island

  • 631.687.5109
  • Room E215, O'Connor Hall


B.A., History, Pepperdine University, 1995

M.A., History, Pepperdine University, 1997

Ph.D., History, Stony Brook University, 2002


Heather E. Barry, Ph.D., is an American colonial historian and has recently published an article titled “Naked Quakers Who Were Not So Naked: Seventeenth-Century Quaker Women in the Massachusetts Bay Colony” in the Historical Journal of Massachusetts, Summer 2015. The article examines 45 Quaker women who preached and protested against orthodox Puritans in the Massachusetts Bay Colony from 1656-1670. These women protested by their unauthorized arrival to the colony, holding Quaker meetings, disseminating Quaker literature, disturbing Puritan church services, and “walking naked” in public.