Temporary Disabilities

Student Accessibility Services provides limited services for students with temporary disabilities (i.e. inability to write due to a broken arm or inability to sit comfortably in class because of a recent surgery).

Types of Assistance
The type of assistance is determined on a case-by case basis and is based on documentation of the student’s temporary disability. The student should contact Student Accessibility Services as soon as possible to make the request and fill out the necessary paperwork for services.

Services may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Extra time on testing, assignments and/or labs
  • Note-taker
  • Tape-recording of the classroom lecture
  • Alternate seating
  • Adapted test-taking

Requesting Services
The University has the right to request documentation of the temporary disability from the student’s private physician prior to the provision of services. The Director for Student Accessibility Services will respond to requests in a timely manner. Advance notice of need assures the student that the services will be provided.