Long Island Human Relations Degree

Long Island Human Relations Degree

Explore human behavior. Examine how it’s shaped by society. Get ready.

If you’re intrigued by the various factors that impact and shape human behavior, such as the human psyche and society overall, then St. Joseph's University's B.A. in Human Relations is the perfect fit for you. 

An interdisciplinary major that bridges psychology and sociology, human relations offers a broad range of course topics, such as globalization, personality, racial and gender inequality, social psychology, behavior modification, environmentalism and much more. 

Work and study with dedicated psychologists and sociologists who are engaged in clinical work and research. Gain skills in critical thinking, problem-solving and behavioral studies. Prepare for a diverse range of careers in a field that you love. 

Alexia BelliniAlexia Bellini ’21
Human Relations Major and Criminal Justice Minor

"When I began my college career at St. Joe’s, I was unsure what I wanted to do with my future and degree. After speaking with the wonderful faculty in the human relations department, I was convinced that this was the program for me. Since then, this program has helped me develop my skills and build professional relationships in so many ways. Looking back on my decision, I could not be more happy that this is the route I have taken toward my future!"

The Long Island Human Relations Major Experience

Career Opportunities: Pursue a variety of career options in the private and public sectors, including social work, business, education, government, journalism and nonprofit organizations.


Gain Real-World Experience: Internship sites include the United Nations, social service agencies, rehabilitation centers, and news media outlets.


Minors that Matter: Looking to add a minor to your résumé? A major in human relations pairs well with such minors as business administration, criminal justice, marketing and speech