Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies Mission Vision and Goals

Mission Statement

The department of recreation and leisure studies strives to develop competent professionals whom will further promote and foster a greater awareness of the importance of leisure experiences, and its impact on conservation, health and wellness, social equity, and the overall quality of life for individuals and society at large. Accredited through the Council on Accreditation for Parks, Recreation, Tourism, and Related Professions (COAPRT), the program provides students with a strong value-oriented education, rooted in a liberal arts tradition that supports provision for career preparation and enhancement.


The department of recreation and leisure studies affirms the dignity, freedom, and inherent value of each person. The affirmation is realized through a student-centered environment wherein the faculty's primary commitment is to excellence in teaching. A broad based appreciation for leisure, recreation, and parks is thoroughly encouraged and emphasized within this teaching framework.


  1. To offer a curriculum of recreation that will provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to find and maintain positions in the recreation field.
  2. To offer a curriculum and instruction of recreation which will prepare students academically so as to enable them to successfully complete national and regional certification examinations.
  3. To offer a curriculum which stimulates and enhances student’s abilities to develop a positive personal value system.
  4. To inculcate in recreation students the desires, knowledge, skills and motivating factors necessary for working with both therapeutic and community based populations.
  5. To prepare students for the field of recreation by providing numerous quality field sites for internship courses and field experiences.
  6. To help our students develop not only as recreation specialists, but also as participants in our professional organizations by taking on more active roles.
  7. To provide students with an educational program that will enhance their abilities to make contributions in areas of our profession that need publication and research.
  8. To provide students with the skills, abilities, and confidence so they can participate in and contribute to social, civic, and professional activities in their local and global communities.


The goals of this department fulfill (carry forward, support, or relate to) the mission and goals of St. Joseph's University in the following ways:

  1. By providing a curriculum that includes both theoretical and practical forms of education.
  2. By offering courses that enhance a student’s ability to develop positive personal values.
  3. By incorporating research assignments, projects, term papers, and debates relative to current issues into various required courses.
  4. By providing students with the resources necessary to securing quality placement for practical courses in the program.
  5. By becoming actively involved in many local professional organizations, which afford our students the opportunity to network and make contacts with professionals in the field.
  6. By providing students the opportunity to develop their own potentials through activities sponsored by the Recreation Club.