Featured Philosophy Alumni

Alicia PrestiaAlicia Prestia '11
Associate Attorney at Sterling Analytics

"Philosophy is perhaps the most underrated subject in terms of utility. Studying philosophy at St. Joseph's University gave me the skill set to be critical thinker."

Alexandra MercadoAlexandra Mercado '13
Adult Reference Librarian at Brentwood Public Library

“Philosophy opened me to think in ways that it had not been trained before. Studying philosophy prepares students to think critically and question the status quo. These skills are invaluable for any career path.”

Emily FoxEmily Fox '16

"The semester I started studying philosophy was the semester that my attitude toward college changed. Pursuing a degree in philosophy helped me become truly engaged with my education. It equipped me with the skills I needed to tackle complex ideas, issues and arguments, that had once seemed daunting. These courses were not only outlets to ponder life’s biggest questions, but also a place to cultivate critical thinking and a passion for learning."