Featured English Students

Caitlin MorrellCaitlin Morrell '12, M.A. '16

"I currently teach 9th and 10th grade English, but I hope to broaden my scope to include inclusion and self-contained special education classes. St. Joseph's University has taught me a lot about community building, paying it forward and simply put, life. I've learned so much about becoming a team player, working towards a common goal and becoming an all around better person. St. Joseph's has shaped me into a better version of myself."

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Morgan MandriotaMorgan Mandriota '14
Creative Content Director

“If you don't want to leave home after high school but still desire the full college experience, then St. Joseph's University is the perfect choice for you.”

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Brandon MarkowitzBrandon Markowitz '14
Pursuing an MS in Social Media and Mobile Marketing

"Five days after graduation I was offered a full-time position at the company I had interned with during my senior year. I actually found out about the internship through the St. Joe's career center, so I credit my employment to them!"

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Kristen MerleKristen Merle '14
Pursuing Higher Education MA

“Dr. Phagan allowed me find my voice in my writing and provided me with the tools and skills needed to become a better writer. She was always there when I needed her and fully supported me when I decided to change my major.”

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Shelby ContomanolisShelby Contomanolis '15
Pursuing a Literacy and Cognition MA

"St. Joseph's University will become your second home. You will feel comfortable, encouraged, and inspired to be the best version of yourself."

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Sarah CadetSarah Cadet '16
English and Secondary Education Major

“The teachers here actually care and want to see you succeed. I found it odd at first how much complete strangers were so willing to work their students. The professors here will work with you as long as you work with them. Meaning, if they see you working and trying then they will push you to succeed.”

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