Long Island Accounting MBA Program

Long Island Accounting MBA Program

Learn from certified public accountants and establish yourself in a small-class environment while studying in a state-of-the-art facility.

St. Joseph's University accounting students have these opportunities. Most of our faculty members are active CPAs with extensive experience and you will receive an education based on current practices, preparing you for public, private and institutional and governmental accounting.

The MBA in Accounting is a 36-credit program with courses ranging from leadership and managerial development to advanced auditing. The courses include eight graduate management courses and four graduate accounting courses. Several undergraduate accounting, business and other prerequisites are required before enrolling in the MBA program.

Students can also choose a unique five-year program that combines the MBA along with the B.S. in Business Administration with a major in Accounting. This program includes all credits necessary to fulfill the New York State CPA licensure requirements.

Rebecca SeriniRebecca Serini '17
Accounting MBA
Student Paper: "CPA Exam Passing Rates by Section Analysis"

“I was really attracted to the small class sizes and quaint campus. I feel that I was truly able to make connections with each and every one of my peers within my program and build relationships with my professors. I am extremely thankful for the many opportunities that St. Joseph's has given me. SJC was a vital stepping stone toward a successful and fulfilling future.

"I am very excited to graduate and begin studying for the CPA exam. I would like expand my knowledge in taxation and begin to make the steps toward growth within my company. 

"The best lesson that a professor ever taught me was, 'You have a choice: to work 30 years and gain 30 years of experience or work 30 years and gain one year of experience.' It really taught me to embrace every opportunity that is given to me and to expand my thought process in everything I work on."

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