Who We Are


Jessica McAleer DecaturJessica McAleer Decatur
Vice President for Marketing and Communications

"As the VP for Marketing and Communications, my primary goal is to establish a consistent institutional brand while enhancing the University's overall reputation and visibility on the local, regional and national levels."



Valerie EspositoValerie Esposito-Saadat
Director of Public Relations and Marketing

"As Director of Public Relations and Marketing, I handle media requests, advertising inquiries for both campuses, and create press releases for news and events at the University."



Brian WassonBrian Wasson
Executive Director of Social Media

"Develop. Implement. Oversee. Create. Collaborate. Coordinate. Educate. Listen. Respond. Pick a verb and attach 'social media' to it. That's what I do. I loved being part of the team that brought the University into the social media world in 2009. It has been fun and exciting to watch the social landscape change quickly since then."



Brian HarmonBrian Harmon
Editorial Director

"I set the editorial tone and direction for all of the University’s marketing materials, while counting my blessings to have the opportunity to work in Patchogue – the village I grew up in – smack in the middle of its revitalization."

Samantha Miller

Samantha Miller
Manager of Content Development

"Being a manager of content development allows me to combine my passion for reading, writing and editing. As a proud alumna of our Long Island Campus, I love working with members of the SJNY community and learning what makes this place so special to them."


Andrew Capitelli

Andrew Capitelli
Content Developer

"As a content developer, I have the privilege of meeting students, staff, and faculty from many walks of life. I take great pride in helping them tell their unique stories."


Stephanie Kearney

Stephanie Kearney
Art Director

"My main goal is to make sure the University’s brand is intact on all printed and digital materials with the purpose of conveying a clear, consistent message to prospective students and alumni, as well as the St. Joseph's University community."

Robert Gregson

Robert Gregson
Production Coordinator

"As a production coordinator, I'm here to assist you with all of your print, digital and creative projects. My goal is to bring your concept to fruition."

Kerri BallKerri Ball
Senior Graphic Designer

"As the Senior Graphic Designer for St. Joseph's University, I have the privilege of creating visual products that communicate the University’s mission. Knowing that my work will touch the lives of the students who are pursuing an education at St. Joseph’s is very fulfilling to me."

Dina VigoritoDina Vigorito
Senior Graphic Designer

"My favorite work is designing projects that I know will impact prospective students in a positive way. I love injecting that passion into my work, and seeing it develop into action."

Justin Hansen

Justin Hansen
Director of Web Technology

"The Web is a multi-faceted, complex, organic, living thing. It gives me great pride to be the Director of Web technology, and implement new features into our digital work."

Michelle HeathMichelle Heath
Web Designer

"I design a wide array of visual materials for the University website and other digital communications, including email blasts and templates, our many microsites, digital ads, social media images and our Portal."

Claudia Mirzaali

Claudia Mirzaali
Assistant Director for Photography 

"I manage the University's photography from concept to photoshoot and then maintain the intranet-based Image Library, a digital asset management storage system. My favorite projects are those where I work with our students and faculty during photo shoots to photograph our dynamic students and unique campuses."