Diversity and Inclusion Committee

This university-wide committee is charged with improving our campus climate with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion.


Shantey Hill, Co-Chair
Vice President of Student Life and Campus Services, Chair for Physical Education


Heather Barry, Ph.D., Co-Chair
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor of History 


D'adra Crump, EMBA/MS
Executive Director of Human Resources, Title IX Coordinator


Maria Montoya, Ph.D.
Professor of Spanish and Associate Chair


Angela Diaz 
Assistant Dean, Preceptor


Eunah Lee, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Philosophy


Harry Voulgarakis, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Assistant Professor, Child Study


Melody Cope
Director of Athletics and Recreation/SWA


Anna Egbert, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Psychology


Adriana Silva, LMSW
Field Study Director and Teaching Instructor, Master of Social Work


Basak Horowitz
Assistant Professor in Economics


Eric Shyman, Ed.D.
Associate Professor, Child Study


Janelle Hill
Associate Vice President for Student Life, Long Island


Lisa Tafuro, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Communication Studies


Dr. Vernon Shelton, Sr.
Director of Campus Ministry, Brooklyn


Jason Steidl, Ph.D.
Assistant Teaching Professor, Religious Studies


Areas of Focus 

  • Equitable Access: Responsible for enhancing and/or developing college policies and procedures to support the development of a more diverse and inclusive campus community at all levels.
  • Learning & Development: Responsible for providing the University with the education and tools to explore concepts related to identity, diversity and inclusion. The purpose is to raise awareness and promote dialogue.
  • Institutional Awareness: Responsible for providing guidance on how to amplify the University’s commitments for diversity, equity and inclusion

External Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The External Diversity and Inclusion Committee provides a forum for the University to bring together a cross-section of community and religious leaders to serve as a resource to assist the University in furthering its goal "To promote a diverse and inclusive environment that aligns with the University's mission to serve a diverse student population and that affirms the dignity, freedom, and value of each person." This group meets on an annual basis with SJNY faculty and administrators.


Questions, suggestions, and/or concerns related to diversity, equity, and inclusion please contact [email protected].