Study Abroad Conference Submission Page

Study Abroad Conference Submission Page

Interested in presenting? Interested in attending or serving as a faculty mentor?

Developing a global perspective enables students to gain a broader, richer and more critical view of experience, knowledge and learning; it enables them to understand the links between their lives and those of people throughout the world.

Students and alumni are invited to present, share papers and exhibit paintings, photographs and artifacts that relate to or portray their international experiences. All work needs to be sponsored by a supervising faculty member — usually the faculty member who was involved in the experience itself.


Presentations should be reflective in nature wherein students describe their educational experiences, articulate what they have learned and discuss the impact that the experience has had on them academically, personally and/or professionally. Students may address ways they feel they have grown or changed along any of the following dimensions:

  • Self-understanding and what is important in your life
  • Appreciation and understanding of other cultures, including cultural practices as well as the language, art, music, literature and philosophy of those cultures
  • Intercultural sensitivity across national, racial and religious lines
  • Awareness of political, economic, and social events around the world
  • Understanding or such issues as inequality, poverty and injustice
  • Recognition of the advantages and disadvantages of your culture (e.g. from the perspective of an outsider)
  • Realization of the ways your life has been transformed leading you to:
    • Choose a new academic and/or career path
    • Engage in social action or civic engagement
    • Grow morally or spiritually

Each oral presentation is allotted up to 15 minutes, with additional time for questions and discussion. Computers and projectors will be available to students. Groups should include no more than three students per presentation.


Full presentation or exhibit information, including the title, is due on October 3, 2019. Submit presentation and title to [email protected].

Photography, Art or Artifact Exhibits

Exhibitions may include paintings, drawings, sculptures, textiles, prints, photographs, video, artifacts or mixed media work. Students should be prepared to answer questions, reflect and discuss their exhibit is a way that relates to one or more of the conference topics. Each exhibit will be allotted five feet. Tabletop, easel and conference board displays are acceptable.

Student submissions of all types should include a title and brief description (250 words) of the individual or group presentations.

Photography Contest

Students are encouraged to enter the Study Abroad Photography Contest. Up to two personal photographs from their study abroad experience may be entered. St. Joseph's University faculty and students will cast their votes for the favorite photograph! Winners will be announced at the conference.

Review Photography Contest Guidelines and submit photographs by clicking here.