The Five Pillars of St. Joseph’s University

The Five Pillars of St. Joseph’s University

Five Pillars, Infinite Possibilities

The world-class education provided at St. Joseph’s University, New York is built on the institution’s five pillars: integrity, intellectual and spiritual values, social responsibility, and service. St. Joseph’s students experience a transformational academic experience. They grow more inspired to live with authenticity, to deepen their curiosity about the world, to act for the greater good and to foster their spirituality.

These five pillars lie at the heart of the institution’s mission and collectively serve as the driving force behind its motto, Esse non videri — “To be, not to seem.” St. Joseph’s students and graduates achieve success not only because of the skill sets they develop through their studies, but also due to the values, work ethic, compassion and integrity they have instilled in them during their time at the University.

St. Joseph’s University students take an “Oath of Integrity” at Investiture during their first semester at the institution and throughout their time here, they maintain a commitment to be their best selves.

Our world-class programs promote a curiosity about the world and a desire to deepen one’s understanding of ideas. By cultivating intellectual values, our students are better equipped to flourish in their studies and broaden their career goals.

The University deeply values the importance of spiritual values and helps students develop spiritual journeys that enhance their success and lead them to true happiness. Our students are also actively encouraged to be socially responsible and to act for the greater good.

Service has been woven into the University’s fabric since its founding more than a century ago. Our students are often transformed through their participation in local, national and global community service projects.