Mirella Landriscina, Ph.D.

Mirella Landriscina, Ph.D.


Social Sciences BK LI
Sociology BK LI
Human Relations LI



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  • Lorenzo Hall, Third floor


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

B.A., New York University

Scholarly & Professional Interests

Research interests include: inequality, housing, economic sociology, media, culture.

Select Publications

2012, “Framing Inflation and Investment: The New York Times and the Cultural Context of a Local Housing Market.” Qualitative Sociology, 35 (3): 271-292.

2008, “The Politics of Street Regulation in Philadelphia: How Collaboration Creates Policy Alternatives,” in Research in Political Sociology, 17: 175-203.(ed. Harland Prechel) Emerald Group Publishing Limited. 


"The equal right of all men (and women) to the use of land is as clear as their equal right to breathe the air ..."
— Henry George