We Are Now St. Joseph’s University, New York

Effective April 12, 2022, the New York State Regents, along with the New York State Department of Education, has officially granted St. Joseph’s university status. What does this mean? St. Joseph’s College, New York is now St. Joseph’s University, New York!

An historic moment for our more than century-old institution, this marks the beginning of St. Joseph’s next chapter as a mission-driven institution rooted in the liberal arts tradition that provides a strong academic and value-oriented education at the undergraduate and graduate levels and supports provision for career preparation and enhancement.

While the change of designation will bring many benefits to our community, the academic focus, character and qualities of St. Joseph’s will remain unchanged. We will maintain our commitment to the charism of our founding Sisters, and we will ensure that our close-knit community of scholars and staff members will continue to provide our students with the personal attention and encouragement that is the hallmark of a St. Joseph’s education. 

Please join us in celebrating this momentous event in St. Joseph's history.

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Questions About the Transition

Why has St. Joseph’s College changed its designation to University?

The New York State Board of Regents amended its definition of University on January 26, 2022, allowing Colleges that provide advanced academic offerings to apply to change their designation. With close to 5,000 students and a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs, including 59 Bachelor’s Degrees, 24 Master’s Degrees, 39 Dual Degrees and 11 Advanced Certificates, St. Joseph’s is already comparable to many regional universities. The designation of University will not only provide us with a higher level of respect, marketability and greater opportunities within the higher education landscape, both nationally and internationally, but is also part of the natural upward trajectory of our more than century-old institution.

What is the difference between a College and a University?

Colleges are traditionally smaller, local/regional institutions focused on undergraduate degree programs across a range of academic disciplines. Universities, like St. Joseph's are typically larger regional institutions that offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate curricula in the liberal arts and sciences, degrees in two or more professional fields and/or doctoral programs.

How will this change impact the St. Joseph’s community? 

This change will not impact the core tenets of a St. Joseph’s education — students will still receive the transformational education, personal attention and opportunities for social, spiritual and professional growth that they have come to expect all at a reasonable cost. These core values and this reclassification will provide St. Joseph’s University, New York with the foundation it needs to continue to grow, thrive and advance its mission in a highly competitive higher educational environment in service to our surrounding communities.

Will the university distinction affect tuition costs?

As a University, St. Joseph’s will remain committed to offering a high-quality education at one of the lowest tuition rates of any private higher education institution in the region.

Will this affect my financial aid status?

No, the change in designation from College to University will have no impact on your financial aid status, packaging or disbursement.

Will this change impact my registration for the fall semester or my academic program/major?

No, this will not impact or alter the academic progress of any student.

I am applying for the upcoming academic year. Will this change in status impact the application process?

No. All of our admissions criteria and requirements remain the same. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming admissions events this spring and hope you’ll join our community of scholars and learners this fall.

Does the university distinction affect state or federal funding?

This distinction will not change any of the funding that St. Joseph’s receives from the U.S. Department of Education or New York state. However, it will enhance the profile and reputation of St. Joseph’s University, New York, positioning the institution for new funding opportunities from government agencies and programs, as well as private foundations and donors. 

Is St. Joseph’s University, New York adding terminal degrees or additional academic offerings to its curriculum now that it is a University?

Consistently named one of U.S. News & World Report’s Best Regional Universities in the North, St. Joseph’s University, New York is continually looking to increase its academic offerings and provide in-demand degree programs that will help students advance their careers and educations. The University recently launched a new M.B.A. in Marketing, advanced certificate and master’s programs in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and is excited to offer a highly anticipated Master of Social Work (MSW) degree in Fall 2022.

I am graduating this year. What will my diploma read?

For this year’s graduates, your diploma can read either St. Joseph’s College or St. Joseph’s University, New York — the choice is yours.

Can I request a new diploma with St. Joseph’s University, New York on it, even if I graduated from St. Joseph’s College?

Yes, you may request a new diploma. More information regarding the process and fees will be forthcoming. 

How do I get new St. Joseph’s University, New York merchandise?

We are in the process of designing and producing new collateral and logoed merchandise as part of this exciting new classification. More to come!

Is my alumni card still valid?

Yes, alumni cards that read “St. Joseph’s College” are still valid on both campuses.

Will St. Joseph’s University, New York's athletic programs move up in divisions?

No, we have no plans to change our NCAA Division III status for student athletes at this time.

Will the mascots at St. Joseph’s University, New York change, and will student athletes be getting new uniforms?

No, the Long Island Golden Eagles and Brooklyn Bears are not changing — they’re just graduating along with the rest of us. New uniforms and apparel with the change in brand will be forthcoming.

Will the website URL and email addresses change? Portal and student planning interface as well?

Yes, we are diligently working on transitioning from College to University with our web URL, email addresses and in various other places. Please be patient with us, as this will take some time. Information about any future changes will be announced in order to keep the St. Joseph’s community informed.

Will St. Joseph’s University, New York undergo a rebrand and/or logo change?

This is an exciting time for St. Joseph’s, which gives us an opportunity to do a refresh on the visual and brand assets that help define our wonderful institution. Some of the changes you will see moving forward will be subtle, while others may take us in a slightly different direction. We look forward to taking this journey with you.