Message to the Campus Community: April 2021

April 06, 2021 BK LI

Since the pandemic, and more frequently in recent weeks, there has been a rise in hate crimes against Asians and Asian Americans. I am disheartened by these acts of racially-motivated violence and the systemic racism that continues to plague our communities — and I firmly condemn all acts of racism, bias and discrimination against others.

The great writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, once commented that there was nothing more frightening than ignorance in action. Martin Luther King Jr. pointed out that there was little in the world more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. Acts of racism are built upon ignorance – that is why the mission of St. Joseph’s College, as an institution of higher learning, is so critically important in the world today.

St. Joseph’s College affirms the human dignity of every person and pledges to take all actions necessary to provide a safe, welcoming environment for all students, faculty, staff and its community members. We live our mission and motto: Esse non videri — “To be, not to seem.”

The Sisters of St. Joseph, who founded the College over 100 years ago, have at the heart of their mission, the universal values of inclusive love, reconciliation and unity. In that same spirit, we at the College believe that we have one Creator, and that we all share a fundamental duty to love one another. This duty to love transcends race, national origin, gender or any other ‘difference’ which might separate us.

We, at St. Joseph’s College, stand together in solidarity, working to combat the injustices and prejudices that have led to recent current events. We support and embrace our Asian and Asian American brothers and sisters with love and unity. And, we are committed to fostering an atmosphere of respect, dignity and goodwill among all within the communities we serve — locally, regionally, nationally and throughout the world.

Donald R. Boomgaarden, Ph.D.