Living Our Mission: The Next Century

Living Our Mission: The Next Century

Charting a course for continued excellence.

St. Joseph’s University, New York embarks on a transformative journey with "Living Our Mission: the Next Century," a dynamic three-year strategic plan that defines our institution's mission and sets ambitious goals to guide growth and development.

Strategic Plan Goals and Strategies

Nurturing Our Strength

Goal 1

Support and maintain the enrollment necessary to sustain the vitality of the University in the face of shifting conditions and changing student needs.


  • Promote our unique mission and established history, along with our new University designation to increase visibility and strength in local, national and international markets.
  • Combine resources and strategies to maximize the University’s multi-campus model and instructional modalities to enhance the experience for students and support the enrollment and retention goals of the University.
  • Preserve our affordability, making a St. Joseph’s University education attainable to students of all economic backgrounds.
  • Support the continued development of an inclusive environment that values and enriches the experience of all members of St. Joseph’s University and those seeking to become part of our community.
  • Highlight experiential learning and professional development opportunities and promote outcomes and student success stories.
  • Cultivate existing partnerships and develop new ones to support opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

Barbare Sturua ’26
Brooklyn Campus
Journalism and New Media Studies Major

"I feel lucky to be part of this community because it’s diverse, vibrant, friendly and creative."

Elevating Academic Excellence

Goal 2

Advance the University’s standing as a dynamic institution committed to academic excellence integrally linked to promoting a values-oriented education.


  • Deliberately seek out new programs and revitalize existing programs that are in demand, consistent with our mission, and compatible with our faculty expertise and resources.
  • Foster excellence in faculty scholarship and teaching while promoting ways to enhance
  • student engagement and bring expertise into and beyond the classroom.
  • Seek out new and diverse student populations, including international and graduate populations, to serve and expand our reach by seeking to eliminate obstacles to reaching underserved populations.
  • Explore and celebrate the academic implications and opportunities of our new designation change to university status.
  • Maintain a vibrant, on-campus academic life on both campuses, while also strategically embracing the opportunities of
  • new teaching modalities.
  • Enhance our standing in the community as a premier center for learning through highlighting and increasing our academic activities that affect the community.

Wendy C. Turgeon, Ph. D.Wendy C. Turgeon, Ph. D.
Professor and Chair of Philosophy

"As a member of the faculty, I appreciate the commitment to continuing our rich liberal arts tradition and the support for faculty growth. A strong and vibrant faculty can best serve our students in achieving their academic and professional goals."

Fostering Student Success

Goal 3

Provide a student-centered, transformational experience that prepares all students for meaningful and successful lives.


  • Create integrated academic, experiential learning and co-curricular experiences that increase student involvement and cultivate a sense of belonging for all students.
  • Establish and enhance programs and initiatives that improve student success, including access, retention, engagement, persistence, and completion.
  • Cultivate engaged and inclusive programming that enriches the student experiences and promotes a sense of pride and connection to the university.
  • Integrate career exploration and professional development advising throughout the students’ life cycle by creating opportunities and implementing best practices to ensure post-graduate success.
  • Promote a culture of care on campus through a collaborative and integrative holistic approach that prioritizes student mental health and wellbeing.
  • Leverage SJNY partnerships that provide opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration that enhances and supports the student experience.

Shaneka Ross ’22
Brooklyn Campus
MBA in Health Care Management

"Prior to coming to St. Joseph’s, I was a very shy person. I didn’t have much confidence. St. Joseph’s has helped me develop those skills and qualities. I’m now comfortable presenting and am more confident in my work."

Telling Our Story

Goal 4

Enhance public awareness, understanding and visibility of the University.


  • Highlight the new University designation — as well as its history, values, mission and uniqueness guided by the founding vision of the Sisters of St. Joseph — through creative marketing, comprehensive communications and other strategic efforts, placing emphasis on enhancing its reputation as a premier center for teaching and learning to the communities it serves.
  • Leverage University community input to help establish ongoing strategic marketing priorities for the purposes of publicity and promotion of institutional rankings as well as academic, student and other institutional programs.
  • Promote the University’s ongoing commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to the communities it serves by fostering ongoing awareness and understanding of DEI through thoughtful, intentional, active and engaged outreach and dialogue.
  • Create a comprehensive communications plan to enhance and promote successful alumni and community and government partnerships to key target audiences.
  • Showcase the University’s overall commitment to student outcomes and success rates pre- and post-graduation through enhanced communications to both internal and external constituencies.
  • Emphasize our growing number of undergraduate, graduate and dual degree programs and the variety of modalities they are
  • offered in, including online, through increased targeted marketing efforts, outreach and expansion to our regional, national and international markets.

Benjamin Laudone ’25
Long Island Campus
Computer Information Technology Major

"Thanks to St. Joseph’s, I’ve taken a tremendous leap in life in terms of my overall growth. I feel a sense of belonging I’ve never felt before, and there have been a lot of question marks that have been and continue to be fulfilled and answered here. Without St. Joseph’s, I would’ve never seen my full potential as a student."

Strengthening University Support

Goal 5

Identify and obtain the necessary resources (Financial, Human and Physical) to support the mission and goals of the University.


  • Continue the strong financial position of the University by developing a strategic multi-year plan (three-year). Perform trend analysis to evaluate the anticipated financial capacity of the institution and create a comparative analysis of tuition at competitive institutions to understand St Joseph’s relation to its peers and stay competitive yet affordable with the changing student financial needs.
  • Through campus-wide initiatives create more opportunities for generating income and increasing financial strength with an eye toward continuing rentals of physical resources and expanding opportunities for all potential prospective students.
  • Engage the SJNY community on sustainability opportunities which will assist in reducing University costs and utility consumption as a campus as well as continue to improve the beautification and upkeep of the campuses and maintenance.
  • Creatively recruit, hire, onboard and retain employees through initiatives, tools, mission education, and benefit that are relevant, comprehensive, reward excellence, and address the regional cost of living and the ever-changing work landscape, while working to further enhance human resources for employees through communication, function and services.
  • Further engage alumni nationally and internationally as well as future alumni, and friends by providing programs and opportunities that foster connections between students and alumni as well as build a rich lifelong relationship with SJNY.
  • Increase philanthropic support by leveraging partnerships with faculty departments and campus offices to increase philanthropic revenue (gifts and grants) in support of undergraduate and graduate student scholarships and the University’s highest priorities, while beginning exploration and preliminary planning for the University’s next capital campaign.

Christopher Carroll ’88, Esq
Chair of the SJNY Board of Trustees

"The (Student Center) is a place of community. This is a place of gathering. And when you think of St. Joseph’s University, you think of the community. That’s what makes us special. That’s what makes us different. (Now, we) have a place like this, where we can build on that community, build on that spirit (and) continue to grow what we are, which is a really special place of really special people."

Succeeding in the Digital Future

Goal 6

Identify and implement the innovative practices necessary to position the University’s three campuses for success in the digital future.


  • Promote use of innovative technology tools that support high-impact learning practices and provide the technology infrastructure to foster the evolving needs for teaching, learning and student success and support.
  • Promote digital literacy skills to empower the University community and prepare our students for their future.
  • Cultivate a culture that supports accessibility and the efforts of the University to explore and implement a digital environment that is inclusive, accessible, and transformative for all.
  • Cultivate a culture of cybersecurity throughout the University by leveraging people, processes, and technology in an effort to manage risk and share the responsibility of protecting our data, systems and infrastructure.
  • Promote use of digital technologies to maximize enrollment initiatives and connect meaningfully to neighboring communities and relevant interest group.
  • Continue to adapt to the changing needs of the University to ensure continuous improvement, increased use and awareness of technology tools, and to reduce work effort where possible by increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Brendan Fullam ’08, MBA ’22
SJNY Online
B.S. in Organizational Management and an MBA

"St. Joseph's University's online program is easy to use, allows for meaningful interaction and engagement during courses, and has allowed me to fit school into an already-busy schedule. The online degree program allowed me to gain the necessary management skills I need to further expand my career."