Living Our Mission

Living Our Mission

Many inspiring goals — one strategic plan. ‘Living Our Mission.’

St. Joseph’s University is setting its priorities and strengthening its resources with “Living Our Mission,” our new three-year strategic plan. In order to continue to grow the University in an enterprising and aspirational way — while maintaining focus and accountability — we have established five goals, providing a framework for this important initiative that sets forth the mission of the University.

Growing Our Vitality
To keep fueling the success of St. Joseph’s University, we must continue to adapt with the environment and meet the changing needs of our students.

Goal 1

Support and maintain the enrollment necessary to sustain the vitality of the University in the face of shifting environmental conditions and changing student needs.

For more than a century, St. Joseph’s University has been shaping minds and paving pathways to success by providing students with a world-class education at an affordable rate. We aim to continue inspiring young generations through our well-rounded and ever-relevant liberal arts tradition for centuries to come.


  • Promote our unique mission of preparing students for a successful future through an education that is as rich with values as it is with academics.
  • Develop a comprehensive methodology critical to strengthening our retention and graduation rates.
  • Preserve our affordability, making a St. Joseph’s University education attainable to students of all economic backgrounds.
  • Improve recruitment and retention through a University-wide initiative that empowers faculty and staff and makes them integral to the success of St. Joseph’s University.
  • Enhance our technology to better support the recruitment process through the use of specialized data on trends and predictions.
  • Continue fostering a diverse student body that celebrates individuality and promotes inclusivity.
  • Bolster community partnerships to further develop impactful opportunities that help advance the mission of the University.

Christopher Lo ReChristopher Lo Re '20
Long Island
Biology Major

"I always wanted to attend St. Joseph’s University, working toward this goal throughout high school. I knew it was a place with high academic standards where the staff and students were of high moral character."

Advancing Our Academics
We always strive to implement new, innovative academic opportunities that enrich the university experience and enhance our students’ résumés.

Goal 2

Advance St. Joseph’s standing as a dynamic institution committed to academic excellence and integrally linked to promoting a value-oriented education.

The value of a St. Joseph’s University education goes way beyond the dollar sign. Creating more opportunities for experiential learning is paramount to the success of our students. Many St. Joseph’s students engage in internships that supply invaluable experience and allow them to apply skills obtained in class. A large number of our students flourish after taking part in global studies opportunities, and many immerse themselves in innovative technology across campus.


  • Expand instructional and technological resources to meet the changing needs of our student population.
  • Position St. Joseph’s as a center of intellectual activity through new academic programs and certificates, and by cultivating existing programs.
  • Provide mission-driven, meaningful student experiences characterized by excellent academic preparation, which encourage active engagement with the University before and after graduation.
  • Promote innovative instruction and meet the diverse needs of our students by increasing faculty development opportunities, supporting academic research and providing grant incentives.

Wendy C. Turgeon, Ph. D.Wendy C. Turgeon, Ph. D.
Professor and Chair of Philosophy

"As a member of the faculty, I appreciate the commitment to continuing our rich liberal arts tradition and the support for faculty growth. A strong and vibrant faculty can best serve our students in achieving their academic and professional goals."

Engaging Our Students
Between athletics, Greek life and more than 80 clubs and organizations, St. Joseph’s University truly offers something for everyone.

Goal 3

Provide a student-centered, transformational experience that prepares all students for meaningful and successful lives.

Our lively campus community offers students a plethora of opportunities to enhance their university experience, gain a sense of independence, discover new interests and cultivate existing ones. Students can enjoy the rigors of a varsity sport, participate in one of our intramural sports, join a fraternity/sorority or club and bond with others who share similar interests. Our goal is to sustain existing student-life opportunities while developing even more chances to get involved.


  • Create significant student experiences that promote engagement, pride, satisfaction and personal growth, while encouraging students to maintain a lifelong relationship with the University.
  • Welcome new clubs, organizations and opportunities that embrace student interests, leadership, responsible citizenship and community service, celebrating the University’s motto: Esse non videri — "To be, not to seem."
  • Prioritize students’ physical, mental, emotional and social well-being through enhanced support services.
  • Build campus spirit by honoring the University’s traditions and core values.
  • Support and strengthen our diverse learning community, characterized by unity, inclusion, appreciation, civility and respect.

Klara KurtiKlara Kurti '17
B.S. in Psychology from Brooklyn
Born in Diber, Albania

"Not a lot of universities acknowledge immigrants and ESL students. It’s difficult to be successful in an environment where you don’t fit in. At St. Joseph’s, you don’t feel alone, you don’t feel like you don’t belong, and most importantly, you don’t feel helpless because you weren’t born here."

Telling Our Story
We engage with our local communities, broadening our reach through the use of compelling articles, media outreach, social media, eye-catching photos and captivating videos.

Goal 4

Enhance public awareness, understanding and visibility of the University.

Stories about success, adventure, lifelong dreams and overcoming hardships. Meeting and getting to know our students, alumni, faculty and staff. Visuals that bring the public to our campus; take the audience to global study destinations around the world; and show them the places our students serve, volunteer and intern across the nation. A lot goes in to telling our story. And even more can still be done.


  • Emphasize the spiritual, moral and intellectual tenets of the University's mission through enhanced communication about the history, values and uniqueness of the University.
  • Encourage all departments to collaborate toward elevating our institution's reputation and public awareness.
  • Strategically engage with faculty, staff, alumni, students and the St. Joseph's community in order to successfully present ourselves to the public.
  • Position the University as an engaged member of the local and global communities it serves through service and leadership initiatives.
  • Create greater opportunities for meaningful alumni and community partnerships, as well as increased philanthropic interest in the institution.
  • Highlight the University's commitment to student outcomes and overall success
  • Celebrate Online as a regionally and nationally recognized institution through increased multidimensional marketing efforts, outreach and expansion.

S. Mary Cashin, C.S.J.S. Mary Cashin, C.S.J.
Assistant Professor of Child Study

"At St. Joseph’s University, I am part of a community of women and men who are committed to the mission of the University and the success of their students. Over my years here, I have grown in deep appreciation for the vision and courage of the Sisters of St. Joseph who founded the University over 100 years ago. They spoke out for women who were not welcome at other institutions of higher learning and put their words into action."

Expanding Our Resources
As St. Joseph’s University continues to grow and develop as an exceptional institution, we look to our St. Joseph's University family, friends and neighbors for support in our outstanding endeavors.

Goal 5

Identify and obtain the necessary resources to support the mission and goals of the University.

The University seeks to grow and enhance human capital, technology, financial stability and connectedness to our strong alumni base of more than 42,000. This goal is one of the highest priorities in the strategic plan. While we look to deepen our scholarly impact, we ask for the support of those who believe in the mission of St. Joseph’s University.

Financial Resources

In order to keep pace with the increasing financial needs of St. Joseph’s students, and to maintain and improve our facilities, St. Joseph’s University is launching two strategic mini campaigns that provide additional scholarships and facility support:

  • $2.5 million for endowed scholarships, extending and ensuring our ability to offer access to students who would enrich our classrooms and campuses with their talents, but who might not otherwise be able to attend.
  • Talented students, faculty and staff deserve to work and flourish in the most up-to-date facilities. With our Brooklyn campus now over 100 years old and our Long Island campus celebrating its 40th anniversary, our facilities are in need of improvements, and some of our historic buildings need restoration.  A $1 million strategic campaign for the improvement of facilities would assist us in reaching for our future, while protecting our past.

Fiscal health is a priority, and the strategic plan focuses on the importance of the University's continued financial strength through careful management of debt, endowment and investment performance.

  • Continue the strong financial position of the University while tracking performance indicators — such as growth, profitability, liquidity, leverage and activity — with a three-year financial indicator tool.
  • Stay competitive yet affordable. Analyze competitors’ tuition and fees in order to stay accessible and competitive. This information will be combined with an analysis of the University’s leveraging model and changing student financial needs, in order to yield positive results.

Engagement Resources

The involvement of alumni is key in building and sustaining community. An increase in the number of alumni who are engaged and give back financially to their alma mater is a necessity.

  • Make student philanthropy a cornerstone in which to demonstrate the impact of private support on education, which they carry on throughout their lives.
  • Enhance and expand St. Joseph’s University's alumni engagement program so that it enlists the assistance of alumni across the nation to be part of St. Joseph’s students’ lives in meaningful and inspirational ways.
  • To continue our growth and show our strength as an institution, St. Joseph’s will work to connect with alumni and increase the number of those who financially support the institution.
  • Advance relationships with corporations and foundations to create partnerships that will increase opportunities for our students, faculty and staff. Focus on grant opportunities that will advance the University’s mission.

Technology Resources

"Work smarter, not harder" is a saying heard throughout businesses and organizations every day. Through the strength of St. Joseph’s information technology team, this is indeed possible. With technological advances comes a keen attention to information and cybersecurity. It is of the utmost importance that student and employee information remain secure.

  • The IT department will partner with units to improve their planning processes and decision making by utilizing the IT portfolio. This common approach will efficiently review, prioritize and execute information technology projects while ensuring alignment with the University's strategic initiatives.
  • We are committed to developing a robust University-wide cybersecurity plan that will help reduce risk to the institution and its faculty, staff, and students by protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets.
  • We will continue to adapt to the changing needs of the University to ensure continuous improvement, increased use and awareness of technology tools, and to reduce work effort where possible.

Jayvid ParraJayvid Parra '20
Mathematics Major at Long Island
Recipient of the Academic Achievement Scholarship

"Without the scholarship and the St. Joseph’s need-based grant, I would not be at this school. I am taking advantage of all of the opportunities St. Joe’s has to offer. The University has exposed me to so many career tracks I can take with a mathematics degree."

Living Our Mission Video Series

Esse non videri — ‘To be, not to seem.’

Since 1916, St. Joseph’s University has developed well-rounded individuals who graduate ready and eager to make the world a better place. Instilling the University’s five pillars prepares our students for their chosen profession and for a life full of meaning and purpose. Our motto Esse non videri — “To be, not to seem,” captures the University’s commitment to encourage a life lived with authenticity.

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