Recreation and Leisure Studies Featured Students

Alyson LauriguetAlyson Lauriguet ’17
B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation

“As a child, what I wanted to do was always changing, but it was always something related to helping others. St. Josephs College was able to help me solidify what it was exactly that I wanted to, and that is working with seniors. A requirement to get your degree in therapeutic recreation is to do volunteer hours and an internship in the field. I am so thankful for those opportunities because they opened my eyes to the world inside of assisted living. I am forever grateful to have attended St. Joseph's University and it really is a home away from home!"

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Kate SchneiderKate Schneider '99
B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation

"What I truly appreciate is that St. Joseph's University supported both my academic career and personal growth, and continues to do so to this day. I valued the education and support that was readily available from each and every staff member as well as fellow students, some of whom I still remain close to. My education and life lessons learned while attending St. Joseph’s helped me grow in both my professional and personal life."

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Anthony MartinoAnthony Martino ’96
B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation

“SJC has meant more to me than one can imagine. SJC has opened many doors for me personally and professionally from the day I enrolled, from my internship to graduating with a full-time job. SJC is the gift that keeps giving, soaring me to be a leader in the recreation field in the many aspects I serve."

Hannah HansenHannah Hansen '16
Recreation Specialist at St. James Rehab and Healthcare

"As a kid I wanted to be a youth group leader, because they looked like they were having the most fun. Now I'm still having the most fun, playing games and organizing groups, but I'll be working with rehab patients helping them live full lives."

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Avrey Pellicane-MischkeAvrey Pellicane-Mischke '14
Owner, Next Generation Dance Studio

"I direct, own, and teach at a dance studio in East Northport and have implemented a specials need program, music therapy program, sign language program and dance for the deaf. I was able to take the tools and knowledge I learned from class and apply it to the real world."

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