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How do you see the world? How do you want to change the world? Where do you fit in? Every day at St. Joseph's University, we help students tackle these kinds of questions. In small classes designed for dialogue and the sharing of ideas, we explore both the cosmic and the mundane.

Since 1916, tens of thousands of students have found academic excellence, real-life learning, a vibrant community and an unrivaled degree of personal attention at St. Joseph's University. For these students, St. Joseph's University has made all the difference. 

Where You're More Than Just A Number

At St. Joseph’s, education is a partnership. You contribute your interests, enthusiasm and commitment. We provide an invigorating learning experience that will challenge and inspire you, and help you reach your goals.

Gabrielle GeleskoGabrielle Gelesko ’18 • Psychology Major

"Choose St. Joseph's University because you will be given the opportunity to make real relationships with your professors. This has put me at a tremendous advantage, because I have professors who know me and help guide me in my individual career path."

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