Student Government Organizations

Student Government Organizations

Student Government Association (S.G.A.)

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the voice and advocate of every student at St. Joseph's University. We are committed to enhancing the entire student experience and promoting the image of the University and its students by upholding ourselves to the highest standards, leading with integrity and selflessly serving the University community and beyond.

Background Information

St. Joseph’s University students enjoy the intimacy of a small university and the advantages of the many cultural and recreational facilities on Long Island. According to their interests, students initiate clubs, social and co-curricular events on campus. Some of the more popular events include comedy nights, guest lecturers, sporting events, the annual Spring Gala, competitions and shows.
Founded at our Brooklyn campus in 1920 as the Undergraduate Association, SGA is vested with all the powers granted by the faculty to the student body. The Senate and the legislative body, under the leadership of the executive council, supervise all activities of the student body. It approves the annual budget drawn up by the Budget Committee under the chairmanship of the SGA treasurer and authorizes the expenditure of the remaining funds, admits new organizations to SGA and approves the constitutions of all clubs and committees under its jurisdiction.
The Student Government Association (SGA) is comprised of four executive officers; President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. A Parliamentarian is appointed by the executive officers of SGA to assist with the planning of meetings, events and daily responsibilities. The Senate is comprised of the executive members and the presidents of each club or organization on campus.  


Phone: 631.687.1408
Room: Student Center, Student Leadership Suite, Room 230
Email: [email protected]


Bryan Gill, Head Advisor

Campus Activities Board (C.A.B.)

The goal of the Campus Activities Board (C.A.B.) is to bring various social and intellectually stimulating events to St. Joseph's University for all students to enjoy. All students have the opportunity to benefit from the entertainment and experiences presented at scheduled programs. On-campus programs will strive to create unity in the University community. They are meant to be both a break in the academic day as well as a good learning experience. Off-campus programs are designed to provide students with a plethora of opportunities in both the academic and social branches of their educational development.


Phone: 631.687.1409
Room: Student Center, Student Leadership Suite, Room 229
Email: [email protected]

Bryan Gill, Advisor

For additional information regarding minutes, office hours and detailed information for upcoming events please see the C.A.B. bulletin board in the cafeteria, visit Student Hospitality Lounge Room 6 or check the web calendar.

Studio 155 (Student Media)

A club that focuses on learning about and creating various multimedia projects, such as photography, video, audio and graphics.

Using state-of-the-art technology throughout our projects, students learn to communicate through and for all digital mediums and platforms — text, hypertext, data visualization, still photography, video, audio, interactive, mobile, tablet, cloud. students expand their understanding and practice of convergent journalism, digital media production, and new media communication through practical application.