Featured History Students

Joseph StalloneJoseph Stallone '21
History Secondary Education Major • Political Science Minor 

My time in the history program at St. Joseph's University has been amazing. All of the professors are so passionate about what they do and they are always there to help. Professor Lundin and Dr. Fuchs have shown me that history is more than just dates and facts, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to learn from them and everyone else in the department.">

Alexandra MoscatelliAlexandra Moscatelli ’21
History Secondary Education Major

"With a degree in history and adolescence education, I was given the opportunity to expand my abilities as a historian and as a professional in any field I choose. The history department faculty are reliable and cheer you on every step of the way. My professors in history encouraged me to excel and gave me a welcoming space to discuss my interests with well-trained academics in the field."

Joshua CortezJoshua Cortez ’21
History Major • Art History Minor

"Interning at Suffolk County Historical Society was a transformative experience that exposed me to museum operations and maintenance. Coupled with the historical research methods learned at St. Joseph's University, the history department has fully prepared me for continuing my educational and professional careers."

Thomas EkstromThomas Ekstrom ’20, M.A. ’21
B.A. in History Secondary Education • M.A. in Adolescence Special Education with an Annotation in Severe and Multiple Disabilities

"The history department is full of caring and brilliant individuals who craftily instilled historical thinking, research and writing skills into their courses that I will now be able to instill into my future students. It was and always will be an honor to have been a part of the history department at St. Joseph's University!"

Zachery MoralesZachery Morales ’20
B.A. in History Secondary Education
Morales traveled to Italy, England and France

With the places I have traveled under my belt, I can better tell the history of them. When talking to natives and seeing the history firsthand from another culture, you get a different story. I hope to incorporate these stories into the lessons I teach, so my students get a history that is not one-sided, but one that shows multiple sides — one that is total and full."

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