SJC Interns • Jennifer Young ‘18

"My summer internship has turned into a permanent full-time position. I am beyond excited and very fortunate to start my career with the largest health care system in NY!"

Jennifer Young
M.B.A. in Health Care Management
Interned at Northwell Health in Melville

Part of what makes the SJC Long Island M.B.A. in Health Care Management so successful is its close relationship with local health care facilities across the region. This summer, Jennifer Young reported to Northwell Health in Melville, the largest private employer in New York State with more than 61,000 employees. 

August 8 • Post-Internship Reflections

"I am building great relationships, networking and gaining new opportunities for my future."

"I am so thankful for this great opportunity that I not only am learning a great deal of valuable information, but I am also building great relationships, networking and gaining new opportunities for my future. My summer internship program is more than I expected it to be. I have observed many different people and roles in the health-care system as well as completed many tasks on my own. I really enjoyed my time here and would love to become a member of the Northwell Health team.

"The most valuable thing out of this internship was being able to gain knowledge, hands-on experience and substantiate that the right career path was made."

June 10 • Pre-Internship Expectations

"I learned about this great opportunity through one of my professors, John Sardelis. During his course, HCM 532, he provided us with great networking opportunities by inviting health care professionals from different areas to come in as guest speakers. With his outstanding connections he gave his students life-changing opportunities which I could not turn down. After graduation I hope to be offered a position at Northwell Health; the largest healthcare system in New York, in my field of study."

What are your goals for this summer as an intern?

"My main goal is to learn and expand my knowledge in information systems in relation to health care. I hope to gather knowledge and relationships that will help benefit my future."

What inspired you to go into your career field?

"I completed my undergraduate degree studying speech pathology. My current employment at the time and manager influenced me to reevaluate my future. I then decided to go down a different path which I am confident was a better fit for myself."

Who has been the biggest influence on your life and why?

"My family, friends, managers and professors all have a major influence in my life. They supported me along the way, assisted me as much as possible and always are positive and confident that I will succeed."