SJC Mentor Program

SJC Mentor Program

How to get involved with SJC Mentor

Alumni interested in becoming mentors should select the “willing to help” option when they register on Once registered, students seeking mentors for the Spring semester have the ability to reach out to you. The students will take it from here!

Students interested in finding a mentor can seek out alumni who are willing to help by connecting via message on When the alumna/us responds to the message and confirms the mentoring relationship, you can submit the SJC Mentor Agreement form. Forms and additional information may be found in the resources section of You will then receive an email from the office of Alumni Engagement that will establish the pairing, and the two can move forward to plan their first meeting. For more information, and for resources to help you guide your mentoring relationship view the mentoring folder underneath the resources section of SJCNYconnect.

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Mentee Responsibilities

  • Reach out to a mentor using and submit the Mentor Agreement form.
  • Initiate and schedule meetings with your mentor.
  • Set 2-3 goals for yourself for your mentoring relationship, and submit the SMART goals form.
  • Be prepared and respectful when communicating with your mentor.
  • Have the chance to learn from your mentor and all that they have to offer — their advice, insight and perspective.

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Provide professional and honest insight regarding your unique career path and industry.
  • Meet with your mentee once per month over the course of February through April.
  • Help your mentee set goals for your relationship, and aid in achieving them.
  • Create networking, and experiential learning opportunities if you are able to do so.
  • Provide constructive feedback to your mentee when appropriate.


For more information regarding the SJC Mentor Program, please contact:

Nicole Chiuchiolo 
Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement
[email protected]